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My Appologies

To those of you, after seeing my site, who hoped to find continueing entries and more and interesting information concerning our national parks I applogise. I scheduled hip  replacement surgery for late October. My thought was that I would be back into my blog within 10 to 14 days. Well as chance would have it when I went in to have a pre-op they found a problem with my heart, a little blip in my heart rhythem. This turned out to be a 90% blockage of an artery for which stinting was required. Everything became delayed and with the current discomfort of the hip finally being replaced preventing any elongated sessions at my computer I am at least a month later than I wanted to be starting our next State, New Jersey. So without further excuses or rationals I am starting this moment on New jersey.



Oft times when you talk with folks who don’t live in New York or nearby States the perception of New York is of great Skyscrapers, Wall Street,and the financial district, teeming population, and a great harbor where the Statue of liberty is.Statue of Liberty Few understand that the great State of New York is hardly that. The City of New York which can in part be described so, is what most folks across the country know as New York. The Empire State is a vast sprawling State in the Northeast with some of the most beautiful natural landscape in the nation. The moniker “The Empire State” has no definitive origin though speculations abound. The one I gravitate to is that none other than George Washington in a letter to the then Mayor of New York City James Duane Referred to New York as ” the seat of the empire”. Who ever Coined the phrase is buried along with the history of it for none really knows. The State forms the southern and western borders of the New England States and the northern border of New Jersey and most of the northern border of Pennsylvania. It lies between the Atlantic Ocean And Lake Ontario and the Canadian border at it’s western extremity

The State for it’s size, thirtieth in land mass of the fifty, has merely twenty five national parks and twelve of those are within the City of New York. For you outdoor camping and RV enthusiasts, however, don’t be disappointed. The State has one hundred and Seventy Nine exquisite recreational, and commemorative parks to visit and enjoy. This blog site though is about national parks so I will concentrate on those or it will become a lifelong project merely talking about the Empire State.

The City of New York, the gateway to the State, contains twelve National Parks, Memorials to those of you who can’t relate to a park being other than large tracts of land with Trees. Beginning with the African Burial Grounds in lower Manhattan, dedicated in 2006 by president G.W. Bush and ending with The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, they are:
* Hamilton Grange, The birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt, St Paul’s church, Grants Tomb, The Gateway National Recreation Area, The Federal Building, Castle Clinton National Monument ( no not named after President Bill Clinton), Governor’s Island, The lower East side Tenement Museum and the 911 Memorial.

Outside of the Gateway you wont be doing any camping at these national parks. Never fear, however, There is camping in the Gateway and there is an RV park in the Bronx. Out on Long Island you can find RV parks and camp sites. Any one of these areas can provide car rentals, if your not towing your own, in order for you to visit these National Historic Sites. I would also suggest to you A Circle Line Tour around the Island of Manhattan and a trip by boat to the Statue Of Liberty. Again these in no way represent all the fascinating places of New York City but they are the National Sites.

As previously mentioned the State Of New York begins at the Atlantic Ocean. In fact way out in the Atlantic Ocean at Monauk Point on the southern tip of Long Island and the lighthouse. There is a wonderful National park on Long Island, Fire Island National Seashore, 26 miles of the islands 30 mile length. The Island protects the great South Bay of long Island and boasts of pristine beaches, bicycle and walkways, and the lighthouse. downloadIt is a favorite getaway for the residents of New York City, and a don’t miss location for visitors to New York. By the way, while in the area you might want to lunch in Montauk at Gosmans Restaurant and dinner in Oceanside at Joe’s Crab Shack, both excellent seafood eateries. Heading back toward the city of New York and the borough of Queens in the Town of Oyster Bay Long Island we would stop and visit another National Park, Sagamore Hill. The Home of Theodore Roosevelt 26th president of the United States.

We have to travel back now past the city to head North and West up the Hudson to Tarry town and the Tappan zee bridge. We could continue to travel along the East Bank of the Hudson River through Paughkeepsie to Hyde Park. Hyde Park is home to three more of the national park sites of New York The Eleanor Roosevelt NHS, The Franklin D Roosevelt NHS and the Vanderbilt Mansion NHS all three homes of titans of American History. You should also know that traveling the East side of the Hudson River is more scenic than traveling on the West. One more thing while traveling the East side of the Hudson River, as you go through Paughkeepsie stop and walk the only walking bridge across the Hudson River. One more thing before we move on to the West side of the Hudson River. Just as with the circle line tour around the Island of Manhattan there are Hudson River tours. The tours leave and return to various places along the Hudson and are very well managed and planned.


You can, after crossing the Tappan zee bridge, head north toward Albany, on the west side of the Hudson River. Your travel will bring you past the great American institution of West Point where our incomparable military leaders have originated. You’ll find another national treasure as you travel north to Albany and that is The Thomas Cole House, the founder of the Hudson River school of American Painting. Your route will have you going through the Catskill mountains with their breathtaking beauty, flowing rivers, deep forests, meadows,and gurgling streams. Going through them north to Albany you can almost visualize Rip Van Winkle frolicking through his mountains after being awakened. Just before reaching Albany there is the quaint little town of Kinderhook New York. That is where the National Park the home of President Martin Van Buren’s home is. Albany, the Capital of New York, itself is an exquisite city of historic structures and modern Architecture. New York doesn’t end at Albany. Troy New York Just above Albany along the Vermont Border has another National Park the home of Kate Mullany the first leader/founder of the first all women’s labor union in the United States. Continuing north along the Vermont border still another National Park can be found where one of the most significant battles of the American Revolutionary War was joined at Saratoga. After the Americans Defeated the British an entire British army surrendering, The French were convinced to recognize the fledgling Nation and vowed their support. The State continues past Lake George and Lake Placid all the way to the Northern shores of Lake Champlain and the Canadian Border. All this way you were traveling through the Allegheny Mountains a part of the Appalachian Trail which is a National park and national treasure. Many beautiful and enchanting locations are available to camp, hike, fish, boat and enjoy New York’s outdoor wonderland. In the winter there is amazing skiing and skating and all manner of winter sports.

As for me though I am headed right for the Upper Delaware scenic and recreation area another designated national parks area. There is 73 miles of recreation area only 30 of which is actually owned by the government. The river highway between Port Jervis and Hancock featuring it’s hawks nest was designated Americas’ most scenic highway in 1960. The upper Delaware itself is such fun when you have a friend and a canoe. When I lived in New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap I and a friend often spent our weekend on the Delaware Canoeing. I mean it’s no Colorado or even the South Fork of the American River in Ca. but it is fun. This area is also some of the finest Wine country in the USA. Pictures of Brotherhood Winery - Attraction Photos

Not to awfully far from here, by New York standards anyway,in the town of Washingtonville is the oldest winery in the United States The Brotherhood Winery. A Sunday afternoon/evening wine tasting with friends here is pleasant indeed. This area brings back many warm memories.

Now I would start the trek north and west passing as I go some of the finest farmland this country has to offer. Soft rolling hills dotted with dairy farms, cattle ranches, hay fields, lush woodlands, and rushing streams litter the gorgeous Central Valley of the Empire State. Just North of where we would be traveling is the historic Mohawk Valley, more sweet farmland dotted with rustic towns. It was in this valley that more than 100 major battles of the French and Indian Wars and American Revolution
This photo of Brotherhood Winery is courtesy of TripAdvisorwere fought.

The task of protecting Americas’ northern flank was in stout hands. The Cites Of Schenectady Utica and Rome grew to maturity in this valley. At the City of Rome New York a National Monument Fort Stanwix has been refurbished in tribute to the settlers of the Mohawk Valley who so valiantly defended their homes and settlements during those turbulent beginnings. It is said that because of the efforts of fort Stanwix the battle of the aforementioned Saratoga was won. I remember when young a movie starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert ‘Drums Along the Mohawk” gave homage to the settlers of the Mohawk Valley.

Heading still west we now come to the next to last of the National parks of the State of New York and that is Seneca Falls/Waterloo. M’Clintock house is the historic sight of the first woman’s rights council in the United States.

The next leg of our journey across New York would take us of course to the western edge of this wondrous State to Buffalo, Niagra, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, The St Lawrence River. Niagra Falls may not be a national Park but as it disgourges water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario through tghe Niagra river it forms a picturesque backdrop for numerous Honeymoons, my own included. American_Falls_D2_DSC_0005ltr_copy2
It is one of the most beautiful Sites in North America. The Erie canal changed the mode and cost of moving goods and people from the American interior to Albany and down the Hudson to New York City. Two of the Great Lakes Erie and Ontario border New york. The St Lawrance Seaway, a conbination of the St Lawrance River and a series of Canals, opened the Atlantic to the Great Lakes To further enhance the ability of our midwest to compete Globally.

Now for such a large and Historic State you might ask yourself are these the only National set asides for the Recreation of such a large, dynamic population? The answer is of course not, these listed are merely the National Parks. There are State parks, 179 of them, There are National and State wildlife management areas. There are Blm lands. There are Army Corps of Engineer lands. There are Beautiful Lakes teaming with fish, rushing rivers, hiking trails, magnificent mountains, Everything this unimaginably exceptional land has to offer. Be sure to go to your National parks Office or send for your America the Beautiful Passes whatever level you qualify for they are a real value. The State of New York also has a pass program you should check on.

Oh I almost forgot there is one more National Park in New York, and Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and North Dakota. I had heard of the Appalachian trial as most of you have. I had,however, never heard of the North Country Trail covering Seven States and 4600 miles. I need to do some research but you can rest assured that in a future Blog that the North Trail and the 9 other Trails authorized by Congress as National Scenic trails besides the Appalachian trail, will be the subject matter of a future blog. So Have fun, watch for the Blogs, place a photo and a short blurb on the page we plan to provide about your experience in a National Park and I’ll see you hopefully soon.


Visit New England

I was born and raised in New England, Massachusetts to be precise, but I prefer to be thought of as a New Englander because the total region is some of the most beautiful areas of the Nation. The coast of Maine will rival some of the most scenic areas of the California North coast. The beaches of Cape Cod are as enchanting as Carolinas. The Fall and the changing leaves coloring Connecticut will take your breath away. Speaking of taking your breath away” Stopping by woods on a snowy eve”, Robert Frost poem, in Vermont in a horse drawn sleigh will certainly do that. The White Mountains of New Hampshire and the beauty of Lake Winnipesaukee will compare visually with anything the world has to offer. Coming from the region knowing the people you can certainly understand the Vermont state motto of don’t tread on me when the New Englanders felt threatened at the start of the revolutionary war. There is much to protect and defend.newengland

There are few places on earth that can compare to the absolutely astounding scenic beauty of Acadia National Park in the central coast region of Maine from it’s coastal Mountains to deafening surf to the motor less road only  traversed  by foot, bicycles, horse, and horse drawn carriages.  For an Idea of its extraordinary beauty go to If camping, fishing, and just plain quiet wonderment of our nations beauty is your draw than Appalachian NST( National Scenic Trail) is your heaven on earth. KOA maintains some great RV campsites near the trails. Who could possibly resist Cape Cod National Seashore I grew up over the Borne Bridge from the cape and a summers visit is a special treat for all family members. I’ll never forget My visits in my youth. In Vermont the beauty of every backwoods road and byway is enough to draw but but but you have to visit Marsh Billings NHS. I wont even tell you about this exquisite tribute to conservancy and forethought of some of the great leaders of our nation. You have to get there.

  Have you all noticed a certain failure on my part YES that’s correct I have talked about only five of the six New England States. I am missing the sixth and possibly the most significant National Park in all of New England and quite possibly even the residents of the area don’t recognize it’s import. The State of course is Rhode Island the smallest of our Fifty and the national park the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. It is this area which transformed an agrarian society into the most powerful industrial nation the world has ever known. This area is not only gorgeous for its flowing river, marshes and quiet towns, it is also historically one of the most interesting areas of the nation. It was it’s people and leaders that dragged this nation kicking and screaming into the industrial age.
  This is but the smallest of tributes to the national outdoor travel in New England. I absolutely love it there and I know you will also. Visit our National Parks wonder at their beauty and preserve the memory in your mind. Take your time in them with family or friends the memory of such days will last for generations.
Also go to for information on all the New England States
Bill E.


Support Your National Parks

2013 Annual Pass2013 Annual Pass


Purchase a 2013 America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass This Interagency Annual Pass provides a convenient and affordable way to visit numerous recreation areas managed by the Forest Service, the National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Bureau of Reclamation. Eighty to 100 percent of the proceeds from pass sales are used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services. Purchase at Petroglyph National Monument’s visitor center, open daily 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

Annual Pass – $80.00 anyone can purchase this pass


Interagency Senior Pass
This pass is an affordable, lifetime pass available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are 62 years of age and older. It provides a convenient way to visit numerous recreation areas managed by five Federal agencies. It also provides the pass owner a discount on some expanded amenity fees such as camping and guided tours. This pass can be purchased in person at the visitor center. Buyers will be asked to present proof of residency and age.

Senior Pass – $10.00 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents age 62 and older.

Access-FRTAccess Pass


Interagency Access Pass
This pass is a free, lifetime pass that is available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents that have been medically determined to have a permanent disability, regardless of age. May be obtained in person at the visitor center, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Proof of medically determined permanent disability and residency is required. This pass also provides a 50% discount for the pass owner on some expanded amenity fees such as camping (excluding hook-ups), boat launching, etc.


Access Pass- issued free to persons with a permanent disability

Notice: Petroglyph National Monument has the above listed passes available to purchase at the visitor center. At this time, acceptable forms of payment are only cash and personal checks.

To learn more about the Federal Recreational Lands Pass program please visit the USGS website.

2013 Military PassAnnual Military Pass is for active military personnel and their dependents.


The Annual Military Pass is a free pass for all active military member personnel and their dependents. In order to qualify for the Annual Military Pass, the military member must present their CAC Card. A military dependent must present a Department of Defense ID (DD Form 1173) that identifies the dependent and his/her sponsor. Dependents may not use any other type of ID to obtain a pass. This pass will be available through December 31, 2013 and accepted for use through the end of December, 2014.


**All information regarding passes was sited from and belongs to The National Parks Service and can be found here:**


America the Beautiful Pass

If your 62 or older or know someone who is, especially if it’s your parents, have I got some information for you. You will have to excuse my not writing on my usual subject, business, this time because I have just had a great fishing/camping trip. It all starts with what is called an America the Beautiful Pass. A few months back I and my sweet Diann decided to purchase an RV to do some fishing, camping, and a little gold panning. Once we had the RV we looked for campgrounds, RV parks etc. We thought we had found a goldmine when we found a club for RVers that Rvparks would offer discounts to. That was until we talked to Diann”s brother.

We were visiting him in New York and at some point the conversation turned to us going RVing camping etc. we thought we had it covered. Then while we were chatting he asked if we had heard of the America the Beautiful Pass. He went on to tell us some pretty cool stuff about the pass. Free access to National parks, BLM lands, WMA properties and discounts to camp. We couldn’t wait to check it out when we retuned home to Georgia.

When we returned to Georgia we visited a National Parks office in Gainsville. There a terrific young man, a park ranger, gave us the FREE pass, explaned the benefits, and provided us with some pamphlets and brochures. It also seems that the senior can bring up to four other adults with them as long as only one vehicle is used for the free entry. We were so pleased to receive the information and take advantage of it as we are both on fixed incomes. We just returned from fishing at lake Allatuna in northern Georgia and the campsite with full hook ups cost us for an entire week 76.00. Couldn’t wait to get back and tell you all about it. I will talk about the trip tomorrow. I have to tell you the Pass is aptly named America is so Beautiful.



Olympic National Park

olympic1Road Trip Planners might think that a National Park that was 95% wilderness was probably too wild for a family adventure, but there are actually a number of areas at the Olympic National Park that make it kid-friendly place. If you want to introduce your children to the wonders of Earth’s natural state then take them to this unique National Park in Washington.

What sets this park apart from the rest is that Olympic National Park is divided into three distinct regions: The rugged Pacific coastline, the Olympic Mountains, and the lush rainforest. Three distinctly different biospheres… one fantastic vacation.

The most popular area is the 9-mile Ozette Loop. It features 3 miles each of a coastal forest, ocean beaches, and camping at Ozette Lake. Even though it’s 9 miles and may be too much for children younger than 5, it’s an easy hike for families because the elevation change is only 100 feet from sea level. Two sections of this triangular hike have boardwalks.

If you are traveling with young children, you might choose adventurous day hikes but still enjoy the comforts of a hotel each evening with perhaps one overnight campout for a full immersion day and night. One great resort to add to your road trip planner is the Kalaloch Lodge in Forks, a family-friendly resort that sells kites in their gift shop and has other amenities like a gift shop, dining, and groceries store onsite.

COASTLINE: The coastal portion of the park is a rugged, sandy beach along with a strip of adjacent forest. The beach has unbroken stretches of wilderness ranging from 10 to 20 miles.rings Resort also offers RV sites as well as cabins (tent camping is nearby at the Sol Duc Campground with 80 sites).

MOUNTAINS: The Olympic Mountains rise from the center of the park, dominated by the peak of Mount Olympus, which rises to 7,965 feet. It has several glaciers, the largest of which is the Hoh glacier, nearly five kilometers in length. The range becomes drier on the East because of the rain shadow of the western mountains. Here, there are numerous high peaks and craggy ridges. The tallest summit of this area is Mount Deception, at 7,788 feet.

RAINFOREST: At the Hoh Rainforest’s Hall of Mosses, you’ll need waterproof shoes. Trees stretch toward the sky while moss hangs from branches and mushrooms greet your shoes. This hike is easy enough for a family to enjoy. Scenic Drives: Catch the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway Loop and drive along till it connects with Upper Hoh Road. This 18-mile stretch traces the silvery Hoh River and is simply gorgeous to behold. There’s also a 17-mile Hoh River trail that takes you across the flat valley to Mount Olympus’s Blue Glacier.


* Hurricane Ridge brings you from the lowlands blanketed with old growth forests to spongy meadows. A number of trails can be found here, depending on the group’s ability. The views of the Olympic Mountains and Strait of Juan de Fuca are some of the best you’ll see anywhere.
* Lake Crescent is an excellent place to walk along the 12-mile shore of this glacier lake.
* Rialto Beach has exciting rocky islands known as seastacks that make for awesome views and photo ops, especially with waves crashing on cobblestone-like beach sections. This is a stunning place to photograph during sunset.


RV Travel Tips

camp-rv2RV trips are increasing in popularity. Many couples and families are finding motor homes a relatively affordable way to travel. Many also enjoy the option of traveling on the road while still having many of the comforts of home. This is particularly true with long distance trips. Whether your next RV trip is a long distance or a short distance trip, there are a number of steps that you can take to help ensure that your next trip is not only fun, but safe.

The first step in planning a fun and safe RV trip involves deciding on an intended route. This can help on a number of different levels. For safety, deciding on a route ahead of time gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with that area by examining maps. Even with an examination done beforehand, it is still important to bring a travel map with you. In fact, if you are an RV owner, a map should be kept in your motor home at all times.

Deciding on an intended route ahead of time can also help you with activities and attractions. Many RV owners and renters are known for stopping along the way to participate in fun activities or to visit neat attractions, like flea markets, amusement parks, or museums. Researching what you can do and see before you leave for your RV trip can help to make sure that you will not miss out on anything fun and exciting. It can also help you create a travel budget for yourself.

Speaking of money, it is important to have extra money on hand, especially for long distance travels and trips. This is important for safety, as well as fun. Always remember that gas prices vary from city to city and from state to state. Money is also nice to have on hand if you ever decide to make any unexpected stops along the way. With that being said, use caution. Do not carry too much cash on you or leave it all in one place. For travelers, traveler’s checks, debit cards, and credit cards are a great idea.

For safety, be sure to bring all needed documents with you. These documents should include the proper identification, like a driver’s license, and insurance cards, such as those for health and auto. Health insurance cards are particularly important. If you or anyone in your traveling party, like your family, suffers an injury, you will want to be able to get help and treatment right away. This is best done by having all proper documents, including health insurance cards, readily available.

As stated above, researching fun and popular activities and attractions that are along your intended route of travel is a great idea. Also, be sure to plan activities for the road. The good news is that you have a lot of options, as RVs give travelers more room than traditional cars. If a television is present, movies are a good option. Video games, board games, card games, and reading books are also great activities for the road.

For safety, be sure to use your best judgment. Using your best judgment can do wonders for you. For example, does an area that you wish to stop at look dangerous or unsafe? If so, you may want to continue moving on and get gasoline or food at another place, when possible. It is also important to keep safety in mind when staying at an RV park or a public campground with motor home accommodations. Never invite strangers onto your RV, especially right away. If you are traveling with children, be sure to set ground rules.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, your next RV trip is likely to be both fun and safe. Remember that fun and safety go hand in hand. You and the rest of your traveling party are more likely to have a better time when you are all happy, healthy, and safe.


Make the Most of Your Yellowstone Vacation

hd-yellowstone-park-signYellowstone National Park is the most popular park in Montana attracting millions of visitors every month. The park is full of scenic beauty, science and has a long history. It is also the first national park in America that extends from Wyoming to Idaho and Montana. The park is popular for its varied wildlife and eco systems. Its popularity is further enhanced with its geothermal features. The old faithful geyser is the best and most commonly visited place at the Yellowstone National Park and the park has numerous lakes, rivers, canyon and mountain ranges.

Yellowstone club is among the best and most comfortable area where you can find numerous Montana resorts to stay in. Yellowstone club arranges the best Montana lodging facilities that help you to plan your day in the most adventurous manner, some of them are:



Camping is one of the best and most reasonable options for a Montana vacation. Camping in and around Yellowstone National Park is thoroughly enchanting as you get in touch with nature and its beauty while camping.


The best season for hiking at the Park is the spring season. The season offers visitors a lot to see in such a large natural setting. Hiking through Yellowstone National Park is memorable activity that you’ll remember forever. You get to see the beauty and amazing views of the park, exercise, and spend some valuable time together as a family.

Horseback Riding

An enthusiastic horse riding lover would thoroughly enjoy horseback riding through Yellowstone National Park. Just plan a ride on horse; you can even schedule the ride in advance and take your whole family with you!

Geology of Yellowstone National ParkhorsebackRiding

Yellowstone Park is the best venue to have ultimate views of geysers, such as Old Faithful Geyser. It also offers picturesque mud pots like the Artist Paint Pots. With such an amazing geology, the Park certainly stands at the top! The National Park Service can help you plan your tour as per your time availability and other requirements.

Fishing and Boating

Fishing and boating in the beautiful rivers and lakes of Yellowstone Park have been the much loved sports since before its founding. Feel the freshness and inspiring atmosphere in and around the lakes and rivers. The activities will let you be free of all your worries you left at home!



Yosemite National Park

yosemite_0The Yosemite National Park located in California is a renowned World Heritage Site, famous for its awesome granite cliffs, giant Sequoia trees, brilliant waterfalls and biological diversity. Over 3.8 million people visit the Yosemite every year, but most of them limit their visits to the famous and overcrowded Yosemite Valley. For the select few who are keen on exploring this heart of the wilderness, there are great views and awe-inspiring experiences just around the corner.

There are two important bits of information for anyone visiting the Yosemite. First, the area is fairly huge. Yosemite National Park is over 3,000 kilometers wide. So, if you are planning a one-day trip, choose the kind of trip you want, whether it is sight seeing, hiking, biking or bird watching. Secondly, there is no one ‘best’ season to visit the Park. It all comes down to what you’re looking for. The weather varies dramatically and this changes the landscape radically from season to season. Still, spring is considered to be the most beautiful time of the year to see the thriving vegetation in its full grandeur. In winter, there are accessibility issues to contend with. The Yosemite Valley is open throughout the year, but a good part of the rest of the park remains closed during the winter months due to heavy snowfall.

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of this stunning park is to take a hike. The Bridalveil Fall, the Cook’s Meadow, and the Mirror Lake offer easy yet unforgettable day-hiking experiences. If you’re up to a little challenge, you can try the Valley Floor, the Four Mile Trail or some of the more difficult falls like the Upper Yosemite Fall, the Vernal Fall or the Nevada Fall.

yosemite-californiaIf rock-face climbing is in your blood, make sure you don’t miss ‘El Cap’, the world’s largest granite monolith. Whether you want to enjoy a one-day speedy ascent or go for a 12-day solo expedition, ‘The Big Stone’ is where all the fun is. Mind you, the climbing is arduous even during the best of weathers and is not recommended for beginners. But, take heart. There are plenty of climbing routes and the rescue service is pretty good.

The Yosemite National Park has plenty in store for avid bikers. Approximately 12 miles of paved bike routes and regular roads are available for the taking. Guided horseback riding trips are available all through spring to fall.

The Yosemite National Park is also famous for its water recreation. People enjoy swimming, rafting and kayaking. Swimming or rafting along the Merced River is a wonderful experience. The calm waters of the Tenaya Lake is great for kayaking.

In addition to these activities, Yosemite is also famous for its winters, when thick snow piles on every visible surface, transforming the vibrant land into one big icy landscape. So, whatever time of the year, Yosemite pleasures, and how!


Selecting The Right Outdoor Gear

3-Happy-Backpackers-Beartooths1-625x414When planning outdoor trips, it is essential to prepare the appropriate outdoor gear to use. Selecting the right gear depends on your type of trip as well as the season, since it could be on snow, land, water, or even underwater. One of the most important factor that you should be looking for when in the marketplace for camping and adventure gear will be the quality.

This is worth taking into consideration, particularly when you are out for several consecutive days. It would be aggravating if after just several hours of outdoor activities your gear slowly comes apart and it is impossible for you to continue your trip. The fundamental outdoor gear includes the proper clothing, backpack, and tent. These are the basics in order to keep you comfortable during the trip making it a satisfying experience.

If you decide to take an underwater trip, the things that you must bring with you are a snorkel, that will allow you to see and breath when underwater, mask, wet suit, giving the skin ample protection, flippers, letting you swim faster, and finally a knife to avoid potential dangers. There are additional popular water activities like fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, surfing and parasailing that require outdoor gear such as a surfing board. Sun block lotions are also necessary to prevent sun burn when exposed to the sun, since nothing can ruin a trip quicker than a bad sunburn.

For land activities which include hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing, the outdoor gear is made of sturdy but comfortable shoes, a tent, sleeping bag, some ropes and lightweight cooking utensils. This kind of gear will serve your outdoor needs and will give you comfort when it’s needed most.

If you are seeking extreme adventure, remember that it requires extreme gear to keep you safe. This will include extra sturdy and durable outdoor gear when your life’s on the line, to guarantee your safety. For instance, sky diving requires more costly gear than backpacking since you will require things like a sky diving helmet to give protection to your head, jumpsuit as a protector from the strong wind when you jump from the plane and when you land, and most importantly a parachute.There are many kinds of outdoor gear on the market meant to meet the individual needs and tastes of adventurer seekers.

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